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Via Connect


Through connection, collaboration, engagement.

Turn Your Meeting Time From A Terrific Waste Of Time
Into A Terrific Use Of Your Time.

VIA lets you connect wirelessly, collaborate easily, and engage everyone in the room in the work you're doing. It provides a common platform for all those laptops, smartphones, and tablets in real time on one digital canvas. So things get done right then and there—not afterwards or through email.
VIA is a shared workspace for team collaboration in real time. Anybody who's in the room can help create and edit a common document through their individual devices, then share and save it. Designed to eliminate wasted time, lack of productivity, and distracted attendees in meetings, classrooms, and presentations, VIA is the enemy of inefficient meetings. That's because VIA acts as a collaboration hub so you can:


VIA is a solution that enables you to bring your own device (BYOD) to a meeting: Mac® or Windows laptops, tablets, iOS
or Android based Smartphones.
Just  log on using Wi-Fi or LAN connections and you are connected.
It's wireless, it's instantaneous
and it's easy!



Attendees can work together in a meeting, using VIA's network.
All you do is click "Step-In" and
your screen is integrated
on the main display.
Then, you can start collaborating and interacting with other participants, work on a shared document, save it and send through the VIA Cloud or even use the interactive whiteboard.



VIA enables authentic engagement in meetings. You can share your files with other participants, chat or stream full HD videos in perfect quality. Everyone gets to participate, interact and be involved. Attendees become active participants – not bored bystanders.



How Via Increases Productivity

Click on Step-in™ to put your screen up front and on Participants to see who else is connected.

Once you have the VIA in your meeting, conference, or class room, you'll see this Menu Bar:

VIA's Key Features:

  • Login using conventional Wi-Fi or LAN connections
  • Supports Windows, Apple and Android operating systems
  • Easy to use: simple and intuitive user interface
  • High-quality video streaming, supports full HD 1080p/60
  • Up to 255 simultaneous users can be logged in
  • Powerful security features: user authentication, 1024-bit encryption of all content and dynamic room codes for blocking unauthorized access to meetings




Kramer's VIA solutions include the following models to meet the needs of any application:


VIA Connect

A value-oriented, wireless collaboration hub that can tile up to four users on a single screen and allows any attendee to step-in as the main presenter.
With up to four users’ screens shown simultaneously on the main display, VIA Connect is the ideal compact solution for simple connectivity and engagement.


VIA Connect PRO

A full-featured version of VIA Connect

With VIA Connect PRO, in addition to presenting their screens simultaneously, participants can also share files, chat with other attendees and collaborate together on a shared document using a whiteboard – all from their notebook computer, tablet or smartphone.
VIA Connect and VIA Connect PRO are effective and compact tools, designed to improve productivity during meetings while offering the best price-performance in the market.

VIA Collage

Kramer's most advanced and powerful collaboration hub

With a wide variety of collaboration tools, VIA Collage turns any screen into a potential meeting point for ideas to stream freely.
Independent of wires and cables, VIA Collage is the only system in the market that can simultaneously show six people's screens on a single display – or 12, using two displays.
Anyone's device can be displayed at any time, or you can even view the main display on your individual device.
VIA Collage supports 3rd party applications such as Microsoft Office® which enables you to create and edit various documents within the application.
You can even connect remotely using third-party conferencing programs such as Skype®, GotoMeeting®, Lync®, WebEx® and more.



Wireless Connection

Bring your own device (BYOD) and join the session through wireless connection. No dongle is needed.



Share smooth full motion video (up to 1080p/60), MP3 files, and photos.


Start Collaboration

Click to collaborate through a common display, using your own device. Multiple users can interact and control what's happening on the main display at the same time.



Drag and drop files to the cloud to share instantly with everyone in the meeting.


File Transfer

Share a file with one or several collaborators.



Create, annotate, illustrate, review or highlight the current display.


Enable Control

 Give a participant control over the presenter's MAC® or PC laptops.



Send a message to a colleague in the meeting.


Web Browser

Open a browser for presenting any content directly from
a Web site.


View Main Display

View the main screen on your own device.


Third Party Apps

Supports office applications and conferencing programs such as Skype®, WebEx®, Go To Meeting®, Lync® and more.


HDMI Input 1

Connect any external HDMI source (camera, DVD, Blu-ray™) and present it over the main screen view.





A Typical Meeting Versus A VIA Meeting

Most people hate meetings, and you can't really blame them. Often there's not a lot of work getting done at meetings. Designed to bridge a major meeting gap in boardrooms, conference rooms, and classrooms around the world, here's how VIA makes a difference:

A VIA Collage conference

The Usual

With VIA Collage:

Some are looking at their phones, some at their watches, some are doodling. The presenter is looking for a cable to hook up his laptop. Everyone waits. Someone has to get up and move so the cable can be connected. When the presenter finishes, he unhooks his laptop and another attendee gets up with another cable to connect. People wait some more.

The room is meeting-ready. Everyone's devices light up wirelessly. So you're starting to save time the moment you sit down. The presenter and two others put their screens up for everyone to see. You're ready to go and so is everyone else.

Instructions are given for tasks to be done after the meeting. "Send me this. Figure that out and let me know." Sometimes when you leave a meeting, you're just starting your work.

Work gets done right then and there. The annotated documents are shared with all participants. Time is
never wasted, and everyone leaves the meeting with
the completed work document.

People check email on their phones. Some of the people who are supposed to be "in" the meeting are only "at" the meeting and are too bored to focus.

Everyone is involved and interactive. No one is left out of what's going on.


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