Products. Projection screen

There are several types of projection screen and many more sizes.  Not to mention the size ratio.

There are manuel, electric, portable, fixed and rear screens and then the options : wall or ceiling mounted? 

Ceiling-recessed and tab-tensioned, ceiling-recessed and non tab-tensioned, ceiling and non tab-tensioned, ceiling and tab-tensioned?

How to choose the right one?

We have for you a wide range of projection screen.

Thanks to our supplier, we are able to meet all needs.  just ask one of our representative to help you find the right screen for your needs.

Draper inc. offers us quality products for over 100 years.

They were very successful in meeting the growing demand in the field of audiovisual and offering more than projection screens.

Over the years, they have added to their products motorized projector mounts as well as ...

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