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Here are some projector brands that Simplevu has to offer.

If you do not know which projector is best for you, let our experienced staff advise you on the right projector for your needs.

If you wish to have your projector professionally installed, let our team take over and be satisfied like hundreds of other customers.

We also provide free estimates to clients that wish to have a projector installation.  We will require seeing the room where you want your projector installed.  Once you have expressed your needs to our specialist, we will recommend the best equipment to fulfill your everyday use of AV in that room and other rooms if needed.

As a leading manufacturer of LCD projection technology, Hitachi
Digital Media has a proven reputation for high quality products.

Award-winning performance. Renowned reliability, durability and value.

Whatever size room, audience or lighting condition, Hitachi has the perfect solution with just the ...

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