Product. HDMI transmiter and receiver over Cat5e

HDMI transmiter and receiver over Cat5e

HDMI cables have their limitations. In some cases, we can use a high quality cable and reach a distance of 50 '.

For distance beyond 50 ', the use of a transmitter and receiver HDMI over Cat5e STP is the best solution and will allow you to propel your signal to almost 230'!

The same solution can also be used if we need to pass the wire in a small conduit but the HDMI wire is too big. In that case, just pass 1 Cat5e STP wire and crimp a RJ45 connectors at each end of the cable and voila!

HDBaseT HDMI transmitters and receivers also give you the option to control your monitor or projector via IR or RS-232.

The RS-232 and IR ports are bi-directional.