Centre jeunesse de la Montérégie
Multimedia room

This is a videoconference room controled by an Aurora sytem.

The videoconference system used is an HDX8000 from Polycom

New material for two high definition video conferencing rooms and 4 conference rooms

Amdocs is an international company and you might be using their services without knowing it. As an example, they take care of the billing for Bell. It is Amdocs that compiles the number of minutes used on your cell phone or sends you a ringtone on your cell phone that you just downloaded.

Some of their customers are, Bell (telephone, mobile and Sympatico), Telus, Rogers, Sprint, AT & T, Vodafone ...

They recently decided to improve their audiovisual installations of their conference rooms to increase productivity.

Simplevu then took charge of the coordination and installation of six rooms.

Both high-definition videoconferencing rooms have ceiling microphones so that theyr do not interfere with the workspace users and they also have large LCD screens to view their videoconference callers.

Other conference rooms have a ceiling projector, a motorized screen 100'' diagonal and a wall mounted control system. Users no longer have to search for the remote control to operate the projector.

One room has a satellite TV system and a touch screen (Smartboard). A few days after installing the Smartboard, several employees have asked to add other Smartboard to the conference rooms.

Simplevu needed to adjusted itself to several requests such as last minute changes and still completed the project within the time frame specified.

CSSS de Saint-Léonard et Saint-Michel
Sale & installation of 8 projectors distributed in 4 establishments


Simplevu was mandated to provide and install 8 projectors for the CSSS Saint-Michel Saint-Léonard.

Their conference rooms were in need of a projector with projection screen and a wall plate with 2 VGA + audio and HDMI.

3 rooms have also been equipped with audio amplifiers and loudspeakers.

We provide a schedule to the customer so that he could book the rooms for us so that we could complete the work within the time frame specified.

The schedule was respected as promised.

Once the project was completed, we received an email from the customer saying : ''Thank you for your excellent work, I enjoyed our meetings and especially the efforts you have made ​​to make our lives easier.''


Some of the items used for this project are :

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