Published : 06/04/2013
Scores Express restaurants

It is only since the beginning of 2013 that scores Express, a division of Scores restaurants, decided to use the Spinetix productsfor their dynamic display of their menu.

They use 3 to 5 flat screens, depending on the branch, in portrait mode and one Spinetix HMP-130 per screen to display their menu.

The Spinetix modules are used to display the menu dynamically. In fact, when you have a close look at the menu, you may notice that the pictures of desserts or beverages change from time to time so that the customer can clearly see all the choices available to them.

Spinetix was the digital display system adopted by scores Express for its flexibility and ease of use.

The fact that the person in charge of the menu contents is capable of changing  information in any branch from
the head office was one of the key points in the decision-making of the system to use.

In addition to all these advantages to their users, Spinetix offers a lifetime warranty on their units.

Simplevu has the mandate to do the installation of the dynamic menu in all scores Express restaurants.