About Simplevu


Our years of experience in the audiovisual market benefits our growing clientele. We are able to offer the right products and solutions quickly to efficiently respond to our customers' requests. Our goal is to provide the best experience to all those who entrust us with their audiovisual projects. We attach great importance to the before and after sales service to build a good relationship and to carry out the mandates. Our staff is always available to answer your questions and requests and as quickly as possible.

Our first task is to ascertain the client's needs for the project. Our years of experience help us to popularize technical terms allowing customers to have a good understanding of the project. During our meetings with the client, we will emphasize the importance to contact us if he has any questions about the project. We want the experience to be pleasant and clear.

In most projects, professional audiovisual equipment is required. We provide installation service for this type of equipment that often requires special needs. In this case, we perform a site survey to determine the clients needs and to have a view of the facilities. This allows to clearly identify the equipment that will be required to supply a quote that is clear.  By using this approach, we can avoid additional costs to the customer. Following the installation, we always take car of training company staff to ensure that everyone understands the operation of the equipment. The goal of the training is to provide an enjoyable experience for each and every person using the equipment.